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Child Care Teachers: Job Description 
The Early Childhood Lead Teacher, under the supervision of the Early Childhood Director, is responsible for developing and implementing a developmentally based, educational program for toddlers, early preschoolers, or preschoolers. The curriculum must meet the emotional, physical, cognitive, and social needs of both the individual child and the group.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1.  Greets each child in a warm and friendly manner.
  2.  Interacts with the children and encourages their involvement in activities.
  3.  Provides a warm, safe, and caring environment that is kept orderly, clean, and appealing.
  4.  Plans, prepares, and implements daily activities (indoor/outdoor) as they relate to the curriculum.
  5.  Responsible for the health, welfare, and safety of the children.
  6.  Provides overall supervision of toileting and bathroom time.
  7.  Oversees all mealtime/snack time activities.
  8.  Maintains record keeping of individual student’s daily reports, portfolios and progress reports.
  9.  Maintains good communication with parents on a daily basis through the use of daily sheets, notes, or verbally.
  10. Supervises, trains and utilizes assistant teacher’s (and volunteer’s) skills and abilities.
  11. Works with other staff members to form a positive, supportive team atmosphere.
  12. Maintains adherence to all company policies and procedures, including center safety requirements and Maryland State Department of Education licensure requirements.
  13. Must work the days and hours to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks, be punctual and timely in meeting all performance requirements, including but not limited to, attendance standards and work deadlines.
  14. Performs additional program duties as assigned by the Director according to center needs.
  15. Other duties as assigned.

Assistant Child Care Teachers: Job Description

The Assistant Teacher/Aide reports directly to the Center Director. The Assistant Teacher/Aide receives daily guidance from the Head Teacher. The responsibilities of the Assistant Teacher/Aide include the following responsibilities:

  1. Assist in planning and implementing the daily program under the guidance of the Head Teacher.
  2. Assist in supervision and insuring the safety and well-being of classroom children at all times, being alert to the needs and/or concerns of the children as individuals and as a group.
  3. Report to the teacher or Center Director any cases of suspected child abuse or neglect
  4. Report to the teacher or Center Director any special needs or concerns of individual child or parent
  5. Assist the classroom teachers as directed, including, but not limited to the following:
  • Planning curriculum in detail for assigned classroom
  • Implementing the daily program for assigned classroom
  • Decorating classroom bulletin boards, pictures, children’s artwork and other items
  • Help to maintain a neat and orderly classroom environment

Minimum Job Requirements

A. To qualify or continue to qualify as a child care teacher in a preschool center, an individual shall:

(1) Be 19 years old or older;
(2) Have a high school diploma, a certificate of high school equivalence, or courses for credit from an accredited college or university;
(3) Have successfully completed 6 semester hours or 90 clock hours or their equivalent of approved preservice training, or hold the Child Development Associate Credential issued by the Child Development Associate National Credentialing Program;
(4) Have completed 3 clock hours of approved training in complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act;
(5) Effective January 1, 2020, have completed approved basic health and safety training within 90 days of employment;
(6) Have 9 clock hours of approved preservice training in communicating with staff, parents, and the public, or at least one academic college course for credit; and
(7) Have at least:

(a) 1 year of experience working under supervision primarily with preschoolers in a licensed child care center, nursery school, church-operated school, or similar setting, or as a registered family child care provider caring for preschoolers; or
(b) 1 year of college, or a combination of experience and college that together are equivalent to 1 year and meet one of the criteria set forth at §A(6) of this regulation.

B. An individual meets the requirements of §A(3) of this regulation if the individual:

(1) Holds an associate’s or higher degree with approved courses in early childhood education;
(2) Has been qualified before July 1, 2008, as a child care teacher in a preschool center and has been continuously employed since that time at the same or another preschool center;
(3) Has been approved as a teacher by the Department for early childhood in nursery school through third grade; or
(4) Is certified by the Department or by any other state for early childhood in nursery school through third grade.

C. A child care teacher in a preschool center shall:

(1) According to the individual’s professional development plan, complete approved continued training, at the rate of at least 12 clock hours per full year of employment as a child care teacher, that consists of a:

(a) Minimum of 6 clock hours of core of knowledge training; and
(b) Maximum of 6 clock hours of elective training;

(2) Document completion of the continued training on the professional development plan; and
(3) Document that the health and safety training, as required by the office, is completed by each staff member by the end of each 12-month period, measured each calendar year.

D. A child care teacher wishing to supervise a group of infants or toddlers shall:

(1) Unless qualified by the office before July 1, 2008, to supervise a group of infants or toddlers:

(a) Meet the requirements of §A of this regulation and have completed 3 semester hours of approved training, or the equivalent, related to the care of infants and toddlers; or
(b) Meet the requirements of §A(1), (2), and (4)—(7) of this regulation and have completed 6 semester hours of approved training, or the equivalent, related exclusively to the care of infants and toddlers; and

(2) Have completed approved training in supporting breastfeeding practices.

Please submit your resume by clicking here. For further information please contact Mrs. Miller, Director or Ms. Ruiz, Office Manager at 301-218-1246. You may also fax your resume to 301-218-1247.